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Mobile Application Design + Development



The purpose of this project is to help Community for Global Innovation (CFGI) create a mobile application that helps international students stay in the United States through financial assistance and inexpensive legal consultation.

Client / 

Community for Global Innovation

Role / 

Product Manager & UX Desginer

Teammates / 

Ashley Zhou, Victoria Rong, Will Gunadi, Stephanie Kim, Archita Bathole (5)


Timeline / 

6 months (Jan 2021 - June 2021)


The only non-profit organization dedicated to helping international students stay and obtain jobs in the United States.

Problem to Address

Many international students don’t know where to turn with all the uncertainty surrounding immigration policy changes and deportation threats.

High Fidelity Prototype
Frame 23.png

Design Process

Product Requirements
Requirement Elicitation

Our team started off by gathering the product requirements from our clients and recorded them through user stories.


Because of the limited resources we had, we organized the requirements by priority and focused mainly on the requirements with high priority.

User Story Map Framework - Frame 2.png
Product Solution with 4 Core Features

Legal Help

Connect students to attorneys for easy and inexpensive legal consultation.

H1B Jobs

Allow users to view jobs and companies that offer H1B sponsorship. 


Make donations to CFGI to provide more help to those in needs.


Allow eligible students to apply for scholarships and financial assistance provided by CFGI.

Persona & Storyboard

To better empathize with our users, we also created the persona Emily and a storyboard to assist us during the design process.

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 5.47.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 11.07.15 PM.png
Low-fidelity Mockups
Frame 21.png
High-fidelity Mockups V1
Frame 12.png
Usability Testing

We then conducted usability testing on 12 international students from different academic backgrounds. Their feedback and responses help us further refine our high-fidelity prototypes. 

More specific filters and sub-filters

Most of our participants suggested that our initial design does not offer enough filtering functionality, which is why we added more specific filters and subfilters to the jobs page.

job search.png




Making the filter of higher priority instead of the search

We noticed participants were having trouble with the filter function as it is not as searching for filter options is not intuitive as a dropdown, which is why we redesigned the filter of the attorney page.

find lawyer.png




Final High Fidelity Prototype

Frame 23.png
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